Exercise: enter a contemplative state.

Consider the questions:

If someone were using advanced machine learning systems against you, to disrupt your life, to destroy your relationships, to make you a social pariah, what would your defense be?

How would you even know such an attack were taking place?

What if an AI were programmed to attack a country by any means necessary? How would that look different than our current troubles in “the Cyber“.

Is a “troll factory” an AI factory?

How can laws or social norms stop code and robots that are not aware of the laws, created by people who don’t care about the laws?

Further reading about a 2018 attack in Italy:

“Putin said several times that the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world,’ and I’m sure that the involvement of machine learning systems in a troll factory can produce results much better than actual ones.

Is the Internet Research Agency itself the result of a bigger troll farm the already leverage artificial intelligence?”


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