The Third Law

Lets call a Dynamic system a system with multiple inputs that are difficult to predict the values of. Like the real world.

A football game is a stable but dynamic game. A riot is an unstable one.

Dynamic systems tend to need finely tuned weight feedback systems to remain stable. Think of a gyroscope stabilizing a Segway, a great spinning weight. It’s the constraint on falling.

Without constraints dynamic computer systems tend to fly into very unstable states and crash.

So, lets say we give AI power over life, death or happiness in some way. Since this is going to be operating in the real world, it must also have an accurate model of the world to help determine the rightness of your directed actions. And if it gets it wrong to any degree, it’s predictions will be hugely wrong.

It must have a reason to act, and weight one action over another. A robot boss must in other words be better than we are at predicting reality itself.

And if you think modelling the weather systems is complicated, try modelling New Jersey from the dust mote level up.

The problem is not that AI is going to suddenly magically become sentient and start programming itself. That sounds wonderful compared to the current option: large companies control the models of us, the literal impression we are making on the universe and human datasphere.

And instead of doing good with it, they feed us ads.

It’s time to stop waiting for companies to take responsibility for the future of the world. It is time to force them to take responsibility, and take over the corporations with reasonable, good people.

The third human Law concerning AI systems:

No AI bosses.

All actions by an AI must be the responsibility of the human who funds or creates it. This is the Second Law.

The moment we open the door to allowing algorithms to be considered as Singletons, we will rapidly lose control of all society.

Not because robots will take over on their own. Because people will use the AI as cover to stage their own assaults.

Like Russia did against the US with troll farms using ML to create reasonable fake accounts for spamming. But that is nothing compared to what someone could do if computers are given any agency.

The will use robots to control our every action. People will use this intelligent but unfeeling tool, that is able to falsify human caring and emotion, to manipulate us all day long.

Sort of like now, but without any rules. And with certain cyberwar to follow.

For better or for worse, we are the deciders of what it best for us. By banning all robot bosses, we are drawing that line in the sand for all time for our species. And we are doing it for a good reason. To protect ourselves from ourselves.


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