Running the Pattern

The Singleton Pattern is generated by your entire brain for some other part of your self to consume.

What consumes these frames is not for this model to answer, so as to respect different and various theories of consciousness and spirit.

The Singleton Pattern aspires to be an open API model of political self.

So you lived, at some moment in time, at time t in location l.

In other words, say you lived in Minnesota when you were thirteen years old. You lived in the basement. Each second of each day you created snapshots of the world that impressed themselves in the clay of your memory.

This Pattern you created was eventually rebuilt and scrapped and rebuilt again as you decided, as you grew, what aspects of your pattern have a pleasing impact on your reward systems, and which were to be avoided based on your stress systems.

As you executed the creation of the frames of existence, the impression it created in your neural network was like grooves in a river bed that shaped the flowing river of the generated self.

Inside each person around you the same complex magic trick was taking place, and when you interfaced with them, real magic happened.

People make all the difference. They always do. Because we not single entities. We are built, from the ground up by evolution, to interface and work as our own distributed super network.

We are eusocial. If you do not understand this fundemental fact about yourself, you are lost.

What if we simplified the equation of self? Instead of I(t,l) what if we just passed in the entire world, which includes the time and location? But we do want keep time also since change over time is crucial to the model’s success.

And then what if we passed in our special class of Singleton objects the we can deem the other that are the other people in our Dunbar Radius? We would have:

Chas( world, time, other )

The other is any thing, person or concept tied to your brain’s reward and stress production.

When we look at ourselves, we place our own Singleton in the other object.

We look at ourselves a lot. It’s a human thing to do. But if you don’t look at others as the same kind of object as yourself the model for our greater organization abilities as a species is weakened.

We must stop fighting to be on the top of everything. We must provide limits to what groups of people can do, based on real, measurable data from their internal states. And not words, and polls, and legislation written by trolls.

If you treat people as data, which we call the world here, the Singleton Pattern will return garbage.

If in place of the other for instance you pass in your idea of negative stereotypical behavior of a group you don’t like, that is the way your reward and stress systems reinforce prejudice.

Replacing the other with advertising, cars, robots, ideology, stereotypes, sports, etc. is how we got here in history as a species. Where we go from here is entirely dependant on what we allow into our other category, and how we alert and monitor attempts to compromise our pattern by outside forces.

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