The Internal States

Exercise: enter a contemplative state.

Try to describe your current inner state without words, without references to external signals like money. Just focus on how you feel and feel about those people immediately around you.

Consider each person in your closest 15 or so people you care about.

Do you feel emotional change when you consider each person? Stresses or rewards flooding your brain as you probe memories of these people?

Go ahead, do it. I will wait.

Also, you may wish to consider yourself as one of these people.

What you just felt is the only thing that matters. It’s all we are built and optimized to do.

You cannot have sustained feelings at all about millions of other humans, except to categorize them as data and associate feelings with them as groups.

The amazing thing is, the web of these connections extends across almost the entire species. But that does not mean that feelings and internal states do. Saying everything and everyone is connected does not make it felt.

And if it’s not felt, it’s something that robots will be able to do.

The link below goes to an amazing must read article that details the emotions robots can cause, but not simulate.

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