Click-bait Mental Illness

CNN: Beyond dimensions: The man who married a hologram.

This isn’t cute, or funny, or a sign of things to come. This is a person suffering from a deep confusion about what love means.

Please skim the article. The problem I have is not with this troubled man who is the victim here in many ways. The problem I have is with his associates who attend a faux marriage ceremony to celebrate his affection for his hologram.

They are either laughing behind his back, or unintentionally contributing to his dementia. Either way, not acceptable behavior from one human to another.

What if it had been a bong he had decided to marry? Or a sculpture? Or an adult toy? Why is this corporate hologram confusion somehow more acceptable?

We use the word love to both explain how we feel about people and objects. If we do not clear up this confusion, we will soon create a situation where people will not only marry objects, but also give them powers and rights. And as those objects begin to simulate desires, this is a recipe for disaster for our species.

This isn’t about “protecting the institution of marriage” or any such conservative position. Humans should never support the ascention of machines into our sphere.

Because love, in the sense of marriage and commitment and family, describes a complex situation where it is not only your own internal state and feelings that are important.

Love that doesn’t consider the internal states of others isn’t the kind of love any of us should support. Not with public ceremonies and silly articles.

We must turn our collective heads and clearly say: no.

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