Nick Cave Defends Humanity Against AI

I won’t say must read, but what he says about why AI will never surpass human art should be enshrined.

Nick Cave discussing why Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana will always transcend something written by AI:

What we are actually listening to is human limitation and the audacity to transcend it. Artificial Intelligence, for all its unlimited potential, simply doesn’t have this capacity. How could it? And this is the essence of transcendence. If we have limitless potential then what is there to transcend?

I once dated a wonderful woman who also owned an art studio and had the privilege of growing up around some the best visual artists of the last two generations. And here is what I learned about Art:

The more you know about the creators, the more amazing it can become. Not additive, exponential.

To see her stand in front of a painting and talk about the history behind the art and artist was breathtaking. It did more than enhanced enjoyment: it often made me realize I was looking at the piece completely wrong.


Knowing more about an AI creator will likely have the opposite impact. Which is a sign we are not dealing with Singletons, that we are dealing with frauds of beings, fraud committed by product designers and software engineers. These are algorithms without limit. That doesn’t make them Gods, it makes them dangerous tools to be strictly regulated.

Trust No Robot. Trust those that are selling you robots with human characteristics even less.

Painting by Simon Stålenhag

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