Trucking in the Right Direction

It’s heartening to see manufacturers not betting on robots replacing humans, but on assisting them to do their jobs better and safer. This truck will make the roads safer for everyone:

Daimler Trucks North America’s general manager for marketing and strategy, Kary Schaefer, says that the systems will have positive safety benefits and pointed to a 72-percent reduction in rear-end collisions with the automatic braking assist. (ABA is also claimed to reduce serious driver injuries by 78 percent and fatalities by 82 percent.) The safety benefits of lane departure protection are more modest, but even this system is touted as reducing crashes by 26 percent and serious driver injuries by 20 percent.

It is my hope that when self driving vehicles happen, they will be viewed as an embarrassment and will not permeate popular culture. They will have their place in the tech stack of our modern world, as do other embarrassing technologies.

Let’s make laws to ensure a human is always behind the wheel. Trust no robot, and do not trust the humans trying to displace and destroy the livelihood of other humans.

Painting by Simon Stålenhag

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