The Singleton Pattern as Kernel

The Singleton Pattern is not a model of the internal states of self. It is solely a potentially practical political model of society and governance.

This is a simple but effective model of what it means to be human. In non-programmer terms, it means there is only one of you, and you are a special kind of object in the universe, and you are special primarily because you can build an internal model of others and tie it to your internal reward and stress systems.

This model also does not require us to come up with concepts like Rights to create Justice in society. We can instead just focus on each individual’s internal states, while understanding there are base limitations in what humans can feel and model.

This is the core point to understand: I am suggesting that we need this new model not because our models of self and belief are somehow deficient. You should be able to hold any religious beliefs or view of self, or lack therefore, that your mind can contain. In the diagram above, the self or lack therefore and the soul and belief would reside in the green boxes where CPU, Memory and Devices reside.

I am proposing that we follow this pattern to rebuild social order, because it puts individual humans at the center of our social equations and doesn’t accept simple unverifiable aggregations of our opinions, or even feelings, as being more important than protecting individual sentient life from the real threat.

Which to me is clearly amoral and immoral humans using machine algorithms to attack and control our information networks, Governments, and markets.

So, lest you think I am fear mongering, which I most certainly am, consider the news that legit natural text generation has most certainly been conquered.

New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators | Technology | The Guardian

It was pretty bad on r/politics back in 2016, but trust me the new bots to come will likely have years of personal history built up, and be able to pass credit checks. Which is just a crappy Turing test anyhow.

We are about to be flooded with full gibberish. Entire news orgs will arise overnight generating trillions of flashing lights to draw us into the fires to control our attention. Chaos is going to become templated and installed via npm. Enterprise grade.

To fight this, we need to hold dear our personal beliefs, but we must accept that the professions of politician and journalism have no regulations, are full of amateurs, and have already been compromised.

What if instead we built a new society? And built it like you would an operating system. Free and open source.

So, what’s the first line of code we would write? The first box on the whiteboard you would draw?

In the core of an operating system is something called the kernel. It has complete control over all systems.

In the Singletons Pattern, the core of our operating system is the Singleton, which is instantiated when you come into existence. It has public and private methods of access. It can model other things inside it, including Singletons, and it has constraints and limitations.

And it has complete control, of you.

The cool thing about a Singleton is you can write a test for it. And the first test we can write is to try to create a Singleton.

The funny thing is, when you write a test against a Singleton to create the Singleton,

Function create(chas)

The test returns an error. Because the Singleton already exists from the beginning of the program, and only one can exist in the whole world throughout the lifetime of the program. This is the security measure that lets all humans control access to our identities, and if we own it, than the franchises and governments of the world must come to us for access.

This is the core of our permissions and identity system for the future. Plus, we made Test Driven Governance.

Now, what kind of social structures could we grow from this? Here’s the thing: probably lots of crazy organization systems. Who know what will work best in each situation?

Software projects can we run lots of ways. But the best way is to let the team set the process. That’s the way an adaptable society should run.

An operating system or kernel isn’t an app, it’s a framework for running them. The Singleton Pattern is not a new form of government, it’s a shared underlying framework for new forms of government to be built.

To be clear, the Singleton Pattern is not a model of your private internal models. But we can build that protection in from the beginning. And we can validate our legitimate human status and stop this disinformation tidal wave, so it crashes harmlessly against the shores of our society, and we are strengthened by the test.

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