Don’t Win; Do Good

In software engineering, and most business-flannel-collar industries, there are a whole lot of people pretending they are able to model supremely complicated systems in their brains accurately. And they live to argue their points, win their corner cases.

The game some folks think is being played is “how smart am I? How can I outwit this other smart engineer?”

Of course, this is not the actual important game at all. The important game is closer to:

Why does my life have meaning at all?

See, I have been to some funerals. Anyone who gets to mid-life attends these heart-breaking ceremonies. Sometimes for folks who lived amazing lives. Who were clearly better than their peers, better than me. Who I loved.

And what is said at these funerals? Well, not once have I heard someone say:

“Oh yeah, the deceased won a bunch of arguments. Really was right about a lot of stuff.”

Because it just does not matter. What we do matters, not our wins in the arena. Not our rank. Not how much money we make.

What we do.

That is the only metric.

Do good.

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