They Live

they live

‘They Live’ was a classic b sci-fi from back in 1988.  John Carpenter directed a classic.  I remember thinking about how Rowdy Piper was a perfect good guy as he ran through banks and offices being able to finally see the aliens with the glasses he had stumbled across.   More importantly, I was also captured by the look of the aliens and their con-job to take over the planet by putting us all to sleep and becoming their unconscious slaves.    Humans were sheep that were led by their comforts into a blissful ignorance (with a splash of subliminal messaging) that Rowdy helped blow up with the resistance.

Two things come to mind as I look to the future.   What will we ‘look like’ to our creations, and what will be the final thing that kicks off a resistance?   When will it be time to chew bubblegum and kick-ass?  And we are all out of bubblegum..


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