Back in 2012 I ran a project to try and give people a grassroots way to get their message out and allow for the crowd to help micro-funding messages .  Then the person with the message could drive more viral messages out by using the funding.  They could use it in traditional media or even help accelerate the original message.   This really was our effort to fight the waves of superPACs that have started to have just a big influence on our system.   It wasn’t tied to a party, and it wasn’t just for politics, but also to build local support in a community,  a call to action.  Think about a pothole that needs to get attention or trying to get people supporting a new streetlight.    I learned an enormous amount about the business of politics.  We shut it down in 2013 after helping a few raise some money, but the experiences of that project stays with me today.

I’m not going to dive into what I believe or how I think these political systems should evolve but I’m pretty excited to see the city of Denver prototyping a blockchain voting system.   I also lived a couple years in Australia where voting is compulsory.  We should all watch our systems carefully.. voting and democracy will to be disrupted,  it is ripe for it.    Look at any process or system that hasn’t evolved and what eventually happens.. Think Taxi and Uber,  Film and Instagram,  Maps and google maps, etc…    Technology eventually gets around to everything.   Most the time it starts with adopting existing processes, and then another group comes along and leapfrongs, radially transforms the system.   It will get to democracy eventually.    Try to stop it and it will be like holding back the tide..




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