The Trump Silver Lining Exercise

Exercise: enter a contemplative state.

Consider the last two years of Trump as President, as objectively as possible. Good luck.

Now think of Obama’s terms.

Now Bush. Clinton. Stretch back so far as you can go. You might even make it to Carter. If you can go further back you win.

Now ask yourself this question: if instead of a President in the last 30 years, what if we instead had a small group of high school administrators making budgets and decisions? Or a group of local firefighters? Or pick any room full of adults. Or even children.

Would we be better off, maybe? Or what I really want to ask is: why is having a singular entity as President an advantage in any way? We have not faced any actual 3am phone calls as a nation, and when we did on 9/11 we blew it. Bottlenecking power and decisions at the CEO level is the great mistake of business that doesn’t let it scale.

Putting power into the presidency is our great mistake. We don’t need a President, liberal or conservative or pick a political shade.

What we need is new types of government. But first, we need a supercomputer in everyone’s pocket, all connected and encrypted.

Wait…hmm…might take a little while to get it right. Estonia evoting has had issues, but so does any innovation worth doing. Last I checked cars still were killing plenty of people a year.

There is only one silver lining to any of this. It’s that maybe this causes us to quit thinking that any man or woman or person can bring us together. It’s just a granfalloon fallacy, thinking that we are supposed to be a big family. We’re not. We are in business together, and we need smart contracts between each other.

Letting one human, or any small group, have control of the destiny of the planet is absurd. No matter the country or time, no man should be beholden to a lesser man, at least not for long.

Once we realize how powerful our mobile devices are, it’s game over for traditional corporate and government structures, as well it should be.

It took 80 years after the creation of the movable type printing press for someone to create an index for a book. Think about it. We are just 25 years or so into the creation of the web and already we have tons of things figured out. When we figure out owning our own identities, the gameboard will radically shift.

Voting isn’t just an exercise in opinion, it’s an exercise in identity. And the idea that we have to vote periodically for representatives will someday be seen as silly as thinking that a King was granted power by God.

Illustration from silver lining on wikpedia.

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