The Greatest Flag in the Universe

A break from AI and ethics for a quick haiku for my favorite flag.

The Triumph of man,

The Laurel wreath, wraped around

A Gear; claiming Space

The Laurel wreath is a symbol of triumph. On the white field it proclaims boldly the victory of humanity. But what is this victory?

Look closer. The Gear, the symbol of technology and industry, envelops space and stars and planets. The totality of the universe.

There is only one flag that claims boldly, humans can use technology to contain the Universe.

That is the flag of the United Federation of Planets.

And you don’t even need to be a Trekkie to fly it. Well, you don’t need to watch Deep Space 9, anyhow.

The thing I like most about this flag is how absurd it is. If you know how I feel about space, you’ll understand. Surrounding space with tech is the greatest hubris there is. Space is going to kill us all, and its vastness and danger should be the one thing that binds us together as a species.

By the way, did you know that studies have shown when Astronauts from all cultures visit space, it changes their value systems? Makes them more accepting and inclusive?

After returning, the astronauts showed increased concern with Universalism, Spirituality, and Power (social recognition), a broadened set of references to values oriented toward the collective good.


The United Federation of Planets Flag also clearly expresses how I feel about current terrestrial politics. I would rather fly the flag of a fictional future government from an overacted television mythology than the flag of any current national affiliation, on most days anyhow.

But I do love the stars and stripes on the holidays and lazy summer days, and while I think it is ridiculous to take pride in the location on the planet you were accidentally born, there are worse things than being an American. And the US flag does honor those who have given everything for our freedom of thought and speech. Say what you will about Americans, but we are loud as hell and not going to change anytime soon. I sort of like that.

And considering the amount of taxes I pay to New York State, the NY State flag is another one I have earned the right to fly:

Plus, it says Excelsior, which means roughly “ever upward”. It’s the Stan Lee flag! And also a Star Trek ship name. How great is that!?

But seriously, I’m not a real Trekkie. No cosplay, I promise.

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