The Coming Microservice of You

I was reading up on Erisology this morning, which sounds like a nascent idea around a science of disagreement, especially online. I like the thought, but as I have previously mentioned, I don’t have a lot of hope for language as a tool for finding truth.

Ultimately, we will build AI that learns what our thoughts mean in terms of our actions as Singleton entities, and this AI will spend most of its time in communication with other AI, negotiating reality via bytes and models.

Out of that meta AI language, that humans may be able to interpret but not speak in, the truth will coalesce like a crystal around our species. We will certainly spill a lot of ink trying to describe the new Human-AI partnership world, that already stirs around us like a great beast, but those words will not ultimately decide the fate of our species.

It will be determined by the way we decide we want to interface with the Human-AI Leviathan. Which I will call HAL from now on, because “society” just doesn’t cut it when describing what is growing and evolving around us.

This is why it is important that we enter this new phase as Singleton entities, recognizing our unique status in the universe as creatures with a theory of mind, the ability to model other entities inside of us.

Because if we do not place ourselves at the center, other humans are going to use us like chits. We should trust no robot because we should trust no human behind the robot who has not modelled us in their own heads and tied our own well being into their own emotional states.

These AIs will be, and soon. A distribution of mind that models us inside it.

And what we need to flourish in this world is not just a new way of thinking, though I do think programming metaphors like Singletons and decoupling and data structures are more useful ways to analyze ourselves in the modern world than Freudian models of the mind as plumbing, or religious models based on fantastic personal revelation/hallucination.

In fact, the model of thought we need ultimately is also one from modern programming. It’s the microservice. A microservice is a program with a simple job, that does one thing completely independent from other services. It is decoupled, and modular, and secure.

In the Singleton Pattern, your identity itself is governed by a microservice that says who and where you are, and that is all it does. But you can imagine other services that would spring up. Let’s say I want to know how happy Chas is? My AI could query my biochemical state service, that would share my levels of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.

See, this is the kind of tech that extends and transforms us. And we don’t need to map every crack in the pavement on the road ahead of us, we just need to know the direction we are going. And that direction is clear: we must drive together toward honor of each other, and all life.

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