Killer Robots


 The Truth About Killer Robots seeks to show the inevitability of an automated future. Photograph: HBO

Great write up by the Guardian about the Documentary by Maxim Pozdorovkin.

This is my favorite quote from the post.   Definitely a must watch 5-star documentary to check out if you want to understand the risk of automation to our species.

“This idea of a single, malevolent AI being that can harm us, the Terminator trope … I think it’s created a tremendous blind spot,” he said to the Guardian. “[It gets us] thinking about something that we’re heading towards in the future, something that will one day hurt us. If you look at the effects of automation broadly, globally, right now, it’s much more pervasive. The things happening – de-skilling, the loss of human dignity associated with traditional labor – they will have a devastating effect much sooner than that long-distance threat of unchecked AI.”

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