The Last President

Most of us are guilty of thinking small. Of playing by the rules as long as they suit us. Of changing the rules only to the extent they benefit us.

But in the election of 2028 we saw something else. A new kind of candidate who didn’t want power.

In that election, besides the major candidates for election, there was an outsider who ran on a simple proposition. She was a community college professor who just wanted to fix a broken system. Her one platform: If elected, she would immediately convene a constitutional convention to pass an amendment that would eliminate the office of the Presidency. Then, she would immediately resign as the Last President.

The Amendment stipulated that in place of this single role would exist elected officials in roles most closely reflected by the cabinet positions of previous administrations. Secretaries of education, the environment, the financial systems, commerce, etc. The military would be controlled by a council of both military and elected civilians. Which made these positions more accountable, and not the nepotistic whims of an autocrat.

The 28th Amendment also did a couple of other things.

It specificed actual proportional representation in the House. Suddenly America had over 10000 members of the House of Representatives, meeting virtually daily. And the 28th Amendment eliminated all but the ceremonial powers of the Senate.

It also set term limits on members of the Supreme Court and federal judges.

To save the Republic, we had to jettison the parts that had been compromised. The offices of the Presidency, and the Senate, and the Supreme Court had been shown to be too fragile, too susceptible to control by external influence and money. Too political. Because by 2028, with Millennials controlling a large part of the voting power, hope for improved relations between the major parties had been lost, and the political parties had no way to talk to anyone but their fringe devotees.

The 2028 candidate, despite all the dismissal of pundits, was able to sell total reform to the people of America in debate after debate. That we didn’t need a King. That we didn’t need a Senate. That the business of America was Business, and the Business of supporting each other, and we could do this on our own without the compromises written into the original document.

The Contitutional Convention of 2029, held to pass the 28th Amendment, was held in early Feb after the Inauguration. The world watched with bated breath as the Last President presided over a raucous and wholly American affair. Like a game show it was run, a coronation of the States, and it was no surprise when over 80% of the individuals States supported its passage.

The next day, our newly empowered, massive distributed House passed its initial Bill: to make the White House into a National Monument, owned by the people, who could visit the home their ancestors had built to honor the faux king.

The Last President did as she said she would and resigned in glory and celebration, and went back to teaching.

That day, in 2028, America became the nation it was always meant to be, and the Republic was saved.

And we never looked back.

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