Humans Above Technology


Super excited to announce that the organization behind TrustNoRobot is now a non-profit that has been created to help promote humans above technology.   Our simple belief is that technology should work for humans and better their condition and never have a negative impact on humanity.

Please stand by for our projects and activities that grow past this blog.  Our mission is clear and there are difficult waters ahead to navigate in this time of massive change for humanity.  We need to make sure every technology is examined and hold it up to a standard of what is in the best interest of humanity, not just the bottom line of a company, government or simple convenience.    We are all interconnected, we live on the same rock floating through the universe.  We need to be thoughtful of our decisions and what we will accept and what we need to stand against.   We can no longer tolerate ‘progress’ at the cost of human rights and condition without inspection and accountability.

I thank you for reading this blog and hope you stay to collaborate on where we go from here.  Exit the matrix and join us.. more to come from Humans Above Technology..  

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