10 years from now



10 years from now.  Artificial Intelligence is filling up the world 1 crack at a time.   It hasn’t turned into one massive intelligence like some predicted, but more like a constant stream of nagging duties it would dole out to the masses.  Think of a micromanaging boss that loved to track every activity and then remind you constantly to do the next thing as quickly as possible.  Do this, get that, justify x, y and z.   There were bots that helped people work, play and decide who was likely to give them some loving at the end of the night.  We hadn’t created ‘intelligence’ but a whole ecosystem of battling systems fighting for their slice of the pie, created by those with different goals and philosophies.   Don’t get me started on the religious AI’s or the military ones.   All built to drive a more efficient world but in fact it felt more like for every ounce of efficiency, the suicide rate increased, crime increased and people were generally more unhappy than before.. although it was becoming harder to remember when we didn’t have some type of system telling us what to do.  “AI recommends” is a mantra that many follow blindly.    Augmented reality and virtual reality are the norm and people are jacked in or augmented as they navigate the world.   War rages around the world on many fronts and governments rule it like always. The earth continues to get more volatile. Climate gets wilder, more fires, floods and storms. The superpowers battle through puppet governments helping squash and promote dictators or rebels that will support whoever gives them the most firepower and ‘consultant’ support.

Resources are getting scarce and the divide between wealthy and poor continues to grow wider.   Many retreat to the virtual worlds or gamesets to get away from the grind.  So pretty much the same as the rest of history except all happening at lightspeed, enhanced and full virtualized stereo.

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