Loving Robots is Natural, and Wrong

Sex with a robot, or any nonliving thing, is completly fine. Knock yourself out, and hose everything down afterwards please.

My esteemed colleague on this blog wrote a great post to this point. It’s going to happen, it is happening, and it won’t really make much difference to most people. Most humans will still prefer humans because of our peculiar charms like…being alive? Well, most people will.

But feeling love toward a robot, I believe, contributes to the great confusion about AI that our species is undergoing at the moment. And since I believe that this confusion is unbelievably dangerous and blinds us to the reckless use of AI by unscrupulous humans, I have to conclude that loving a robot, instead of other human Singletons, is wrong in the same way that intense egotism is. It makes the world a worse place if all you think about is yourself, or your sexbot.

And here is the crux of the problem, what I call the “waifu delimma.” When you have sex with someone or something, you release a lot of chemicals into your brain. These chemicals, like oxytocin, are designed to bond you to that thing, because it is an evolutionary advantage for monkeys-like-us to keep trying to have sex with that person until you reproduce, and then hang around for a few years to raise the little things you make.

A very unromantic way to describe love, but I’m trying to defend humans from AI here, cut me some slack.

Because of this, I must conclude while the individual act of sex with a bot is amoral, unless you are violating some agreed upon terms with your partner and you don’t clean up afterwards, the act of loving a thing and not a person is immoral when considered in the wider perspective of the betterment of the species.

I am not saying the love people feel for their waifus or bots isn’t real. I am saying it is real. And really dangerous for those people, for our societies, and for our species.

I am not saying feeling love for a bot isn’t natural. In fact, it is completely natural to fall in love with the thing you copulate with. And doing so will naturally screw up normal human love and reproduction.

Loving a bot is wrong because, at the root, it reduces the value of human life. The sacredness of individual lives is the only value we have.

Image from dated 2017 Register article on sex robots and brothels, which mentions another disturbing trend:

A Japanese company called Trottla has been making “child look-alike sex dolls” for more than a decade. In 2013, according to the report, a Canadian man who ordered one was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography. The case is ongoing.

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