Corps Control Government with Winks and Jobs

America is cursed with a terrible, creaking Government system only because we were early adopters of the freedom tech the Enlightenment was selling. But I don’t blame my ancestors for believing in the people. I honor them for it.

But what is cool is that we adapted and built these entities called corporations. They were purpose driven Mini governments that could dominate markets, and change lives, and influence the big lumbering Government.

Then the entities broke the law, and the government fought them, and asserted authority. The battle for control raged through the courts, and the Government even resorted to breaking up companies.

Starting in the late Twentieth, the companies figured out how they could take over the government.

Then they did.

Turns out offering nice “consulting” jobs after exiting Government was all they needed to do. Bingo, state control via corp bribery was born.

Corporations have taken over Government before and been driven back. It will happen again. It’s the cycle of control that will only be resolved historically when one thing happens:

When people, individuals, Singletons, are able to use technology and laws to fairly control both companies and Government.

Because both Government and corporate Entities are real only as control surfaces for crowds. Only individuals are real, and worth protecting.

Render by Mike Winkelmann

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