Robot sex, robot dogs and what it means to be human

In a nondescript bedroom in an undisclosed industrial neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, Erika is being prepped to meet her first john. Before her appointment, an attendant will wash and sterilize her. Then they’ll dress her in the white tank and black thong underwear fitting for a French-Canadian girl-next door.  (from Rolling Stones article by BREENA KERR – ‘Are Sex-Doll Brothels the Wave of the Future?’)

$120 for an hour and robot love can be yours today at

However enticing this may seem, I suspect the future is less brick and mortar style and more personal in people’s homes.    Perhaps we will even see a blend of therapy and sex merged into one device.  Take a look at this new Tombot that is hitting the market in 2020.

I love the wagging tail and the Tombot won’t ever bite but something is lost here that can’t be replaced with fake smells or lotions.     It is risk.

Risk.   Risk of failure, risk of success.   The great unknown that defines a human life is something that we all navigate as human beings.   What happens to our culture when we derisk life?   One of my fav videos is ‘Humans need not apply’ (see below).  It tells the amazing story of what happened to horses at the turn of the last century as cars were introduced and we entered into a new age.     Is this the future for dogs (or humans)?   Will vets become mechanics?    More importantly, will we all lose the key ingredient that drives us to take risks, to explore the universe to build something amazing because we have all lived on a stream of ‘getting everything we want all the time exactly the way we want it’?

The bigger risk here isn’t to the dogs or to the brothel workers, it is to the very way we ‘train‘ ourselves about what the mission of being human is.  To strive, to learn, to build, to do something amazing with our lives. Somehow getting everything I want all the time with no risk of rejection or getting bit seems like it may create a vanilla future where people may be content, but will they be happy or fulfilled?

Featured image on post: Giulio Lapone/IPA/REX Shutterstock

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