The big tent


We live in the richest country in the world, and no one should be hungry, and no one should be homeless.
A livable wage, affordable healthcare, affordable educational opportunities, and the ultra rich paying their fair share of taxes would all go a long way towards resolution as the general citizenry would then have opportunity to better themselves.
Question; when did these simple and humanitarian concepts become associated with the far left???     Hell, it was the majority of the republican platform when Ike was president, and America had a robust and thriving middle class.
What ever happened to the republican party that championed fiscal responsibility, family values, limited government, and a formidable military standing?
I look at trump’s GOP, and I see a party that more resembles the taliban; they advocate forced patriotism, they’re anti-gay, they’re misogynistic, they want god in government, and their leaders seemingly refuse to recognize or accept any government mandated checks on their power…
What I see clearly is that trump and his enablers have pushed the right so far in the direction of hate, intolerance, and totalitarianism that anything left of center now appears to be extreme, when in reality, it represents the diversity of our people. It speaks of equality, freedom of choice, and humanity; the very virtues on which America was founded, and grew into the greatest nation on the planet…
Mark my words, old boy, this is a dark and tumultuous time for the American people, and history will, in our lifetime, reflect the truth regarding these events…

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