Your Past isn’t People, It’s Patterns

You are a Singleton, a being moving through time and space, and as you move you change. But as a Singleton, you should know there is only one being riding on the breaking wave of time and reality.

But when you look back in time, you see other beings, other versions of you from the past. The person you were when you were nine years old, the high schooler, the joker and the hero. They look like people.

This is an illusion.

These masks of the past may look like people, but “they” are patterns that your brain was running at different times; they are strategies of personality adaptation.

You should feel love and regret and affection for all these past selves, but also know that they are not truly selves. They are not Singletons, only you existing now are. A Singleton in the past cannot be changed or corrected, only the current Singleton at this epoch second can be.

The reason it is important to not see these patterns as beings is because they creates a category error in our minds, that prevents us from changing the present you for the better.

Changing a person is profane, but changing a pattern is just life. Every memory access rewrites our past. So craft and recraft your story so it perfects your breaking wave of self.

Art from Beeple

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