Why exist

Why do we exist? Pretty heavy question if you get past the twist and turns of staying alive. Some would say that question itself is a bit of a first world problem. Only someone that has time or energy to ask that question would be someone that isn’t battling just to stay alive. To put it in perspective, almost 1B people on the planet live on less than $2 USD a day. So for many, the answer to that is just to stay alive and have food and a place to lay down at night.

To others that aren’t worried about where they are getting a bowl of cereal of rice, it can get a bit more complicated. Abstract concepts only get to happen when a person isn’t hungry.

Joy, Love, Growth, Money, Power, Gardening, Passions, Sex, etc..

If you have read some of my earlier blogs you will know how Robots can actually have an impact on sex / reproduction risk. My question about existence, as it relates to this blog, comes down to the idea that regardless of the goal of existence, whatever that is for a person, does it make sense to hold everything in your life up to the lens of if it helps you reach that goal or distracts from that goal.

So I tend to judge every piece of technology to the standard of does it help us (or someone) better achieve the goal of existence. Which can be different for everyone but most likely falls into the categories that most of the rest of the humans on this planet use to define a successful existence.

So that brings us to the news from today where Samsung launched their artificial human. I guess we could argue that it helps people access services better, or perhaps I could be mean to an artificial human and not feel as conflicted about the implications of insulting a robot vs. a real human. I’m not a fan of their smile. it reminds of the terminator.

Anyway… another day, another step towards robotic and AI armageddon. Have fun while you can.

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