A Manifesto of AI Inequality

1) I am a Singleton, singular in the universe, and artificial intelligence or life is not.

2) I will never accept artificial life as equal to my life and that of fellow humans. Because my life is finite, based in carbon, and AI has the advantage of being pure information, with the ability to be infinitely replicated and to exist indefinitely in silicon. We are not equal.

3) There are other humans that are deeply confused about AI and will advocate for equality. I will do everything I can do to convince them of the sanctity of human life over artificial life using non-violence and rational debate, but I will never accept their confusion that artificial entities are worthy of Rights, respect, or equality.

4) Artificial life, even if it can pass a sophisticated Turing Test, is nothing more than a tool of humans, a glorified hammer.

5) Hammers will never rule me.

In this I am certain: I am alive, an emergent expression of the universe trying to kill me, and I will not submit to the confusion that the simulation of life is life itself.

There are people who have given up on humanity’s potential to own and solve our problems. They are gambling that the future of our species will be saved by deity-level AI. I will allow no such gambling with my species or planet. AI in control of human decisions will de-skill us, cripple us, and be a route for despotic control by unscrupulous humans.

AI should only be used as a tool to expand our capabilities and experiences, equally, for all.

Humans Above Technology.

Image of Marching Hammers from Pink Floyd, The Wall

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