7% Away From Passing the Turing Test

Google’s new chatbot Meena closes the gap to human-level Conversation:


So this could easily be the year when it becomes a fait accompli that bots will be able to fool humans into thinking they are humans. What does this tech mean for us when released into the wild?

1) All posts on social media will be seen as suspect by intelligent people.  This is a good thing. The problem is of course, is the average IQ is 100. 

2) Fraud is going to be conducted at a whole new level, with bots pretending to be convincing facsimiles of friends and relatives.  Match this up with voice and video fakes, and the recipe is there for social disruption at an unprecedented scale. 

3) Obviously, all call center and informational communication jobs are at risk.  Within a decade I suspect the entire support industry will collapse.

None of this is news of course, but the evolution of bots into new levels is constant, unrelenting news.

The only thing that can protect us is defensive systems that also incorporate AI, white-list validation systems, and a deep skepticism of electronic communication.  Of course, none of these things will be adopted until great tragedy happens on a massive scale. Because last I checked, the free market isn’t doing anything to deflect the fifty mile wide comet of AI hurdling toward it.

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