An Early Human Blogs About The Dangers of Fire

This blog is mainly about AI and how it is changing us and the world. The following post is a thought experiment of what a blog post, written by an early human circa 400,000 BCE, would say about the new hot technology of the day, fire.

Fire. It’s going to kill us all.

Have you seen this stuff? I mean, I know we all have seen it, after the skyboom god throws white lightning during the rain, and a tree burns.

But people are making fire now, by twisting a stick on another stick and adding dry grass and twigs.

This isn’t just unnatural, it’s insane.

First, what happens if the fire spreads outside these so-called fire pits? The whole village is made of sticks! We will need a whole group of people to control the fires, and who is going to pay for these firefighters? Not me, I can assure you.

And sure, cooking food sounds good, but what about the jobs this is going to cost the gatherers of the tribe? My grandfather collected nuts and seeds for twenty years and he weighed almost as much as the rock by the lake! Also, I heard cooked meat causes the cancer-god to dance in your stomach.

And what about overcooked food? Wasting our delicious raw meat is inexcusable! Someone is going to have to watch the cooking food, and how are we going to find and train these cooks? Hire them from the dirty sandpeople on the other side of the ridge? I think not.

Fire is going to change us in ways we can’t imagine, and in terrible ways we can. For instance, what if the sandpeople people find out ways to light us on fire? We will have to find ways to throw fire on them first.

Yes, I have seen the young people frolicking by the campfire at night, but this must stop. In my day, we frolicked just fine in the mud pit. And yes, fire keeps us warm at night, but why not just migrate further South, away from those horrid sandpeople?

I have also heard rumors that if fire gets hot enough, it can melt rocks. Who knows where this madness will lead?

We must implore our tribe leaders to ban all fire research and use. We should also migrate South toward the attractive marshpeople.

Also, someone took my brown mushrooms and I want them back.

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  1. “The spread of civilisation may be likened to a fire; first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.”

    Nikola Tesla

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