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Sniffle? Sneeze? Should you social distance or run to the mountains. One thing is clear is that the fate of humanity really depends a lot on how humans behave in the next few months. We have a chance to social distance ourselves and there are some new tools that can help, or we can keep shaking hands and watch millions die. The time is now and I don’t see any robot angle swooping in to help.

Check out this new app that we launched to help the world social distance. I promise if you download this app and self-identify as sick, people will part in front of you like the fucking Red Sea for Moses.

Check out the site at SickAlert or download below and alert the world of your condition..

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  1. It is known that people infected with Covid-19 can spread the infection while being asymptomatic for up to 14 days. Epidemiologists have estimated the asymptomatic but contagious period to be 5 days on average. So-called super-spreaders can remain asymptomatic for up to 3 weeks. This app completely ignores such a fact and as such could give people a false security that they aren’t contagious and thus not a danger to others including their older parents, grandparents, etc. Not trying to make the app’s developer into a villain but this should be at the very least pointed out in the app itself.

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