Cadillac Ranger Reveals why Robots will never be his driver


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3 reasons why robots should never be your driver (from the cadillac ranger his-sef).

At the risk of creating another stupid list, I am going to give you the 3 reasons that robots should not be given control of the roads. Because that is what it is my friends. Just as pedestrians and bicyclists were forced from the roadways with the introduction of the car in the last 1800’s – human driven cars are going to be disallowed from the roads with the advent of robotic cars. As surely as I am the Luddite, if we give an inch the robots will take it all. It will start with “Robot only” lanes. Then will proceed to whole roads where the robots are allowed without humans. Lastly – there will be no roads to drive for humans. This can only be stopped by not allowing the first step in this insidious plan to transpire. Autonomous cars should be banned. The 3 reasons are:

1) They are killers.

Robot Kills Human

Self driving cars are unintentional killers. They will continue to kill. And when they kill – there is no blame. No-one is responsible. Sure – you can start holding Uber or Lyft responsible – but we all know that corporate responsibility will get eroded by lobbyist and the money that will be poured into the federal and state money grubbing politicians to sell our best interest down the river. Don’t believe that the killing will stop. They will make it safer for you by removing you from the streets. Thats the only answer. History is on the side of this answer.

2) Your car will be Hacked


Above we saw the unintentional mayhem. But what about if it NOT unintentional?

In a recent article Justin Ware imagined an obvious horror story with computerized self driving cars.

The windows flick up. The doors lock. My eyes widen as the car violently accelerates. It rips across four lanes of traffic before careening off a bridge and into the murky depths of the Yarra River. I drown, unable to escape the questionable water quality.

The cause? My car was hacked.

As Bruce Schneier, a leading cybersecurity expert notes, “We know that computers are insecure and that we cannot build these systems without vulnerabilities”.

“We build autonomous systems that affect the world in a direct, physical manner, we risk bad actors accessing it. We risk glitches and errors causing physical harm.”

So your car is going to get hacked. Its just a fact. There is not a man, woman or child that owns a computer that has not gotten some type of virus. But the consequences of getting your car hacked can be far far worse.

For instance – think about autonomous cars becoming the next wave of terrorist tools.

In a 2015 paper, authored by Jeffrey W. Lewis (in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security and the University of Maryland), the authors explored the potential adoption of autonomous vehicles in terrorism.

“What if [ISIS] could reliably deliver their bombs without sacrificing their combatants?

“More disturbing, what if less lethal groups already operating in Europe and the United States could gain the advantages of a vehicular suicide bomber without the challenges of recruiting, radicalising and training the bomber?,”

Worth the risk? I’d hold off.

3) Driving is fun


Driving is one of the few passions in life that people should enjoy. There is nothing better than driving to the beach on a balmy day. Sure – maybe its nice at times to think of an ‘autopilot’ feature, but the reality is that if we automate – then we lose control (per point above – there will be no shared roads).

Don’t give up joy for convenience!

If you like driving sometimes – you need to drive all the time. Or take a train. Or Walk.

The Cadillac Ranger would never lets the robot drive. giphy-5


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