Sexbots and the future of reproduction

In 2018, the Houston City Council made headlines by enacting an ordinance to ban the operation of what would have been America’s first so-called robot “brothel.” At one of the community meetings, an attendee warned: “A business like this would destroy homes, families, finances of our neighbors and cause major community uproars in the city.”  from a recent article in Asia times.

The first robot brothel in the US was discussed in a Houston City Council meeting in 2018.  They warned about the consequences of such an establishment.   There are a few ways to look at this, but just like legalization of marijuana, once the genie gets out of the bottle it is hard to get back in.   How long will be be before they start to pop up?  Is sex with a robot cheating on your spouse?  Is sex with a robot more than masterbation?

We are quickly approaching a point where questions about some of the core of being a human are going to be questioned.  Without reproduction, humanity won’t exist.  Robots are in a unique position to disrupt reproduction in a way that has never occured in the history of humanity.     In the same article in Asia times there is a statement that within 50 years people believe it will be a common practice norm to have sex with a robot.

A 2017 survey suggested almost half of Americans think that having sex with robots will become a common practice within 50 years.

Amazing data from this 2017 survey that shows that already social norms are changing.   Of course we have people pushing the envelope already.  Call them the pioneers.. but they are out there.

It is all fun and games until the the species stops reproducing.    Of course we will have surrogates and CRISPR to help keep humanity rolling, but are we all making a conscious decision to take this path.   Who is actually making these decisions as humanity drives forward taking pleasure while the entire way we have evolved is evolving?

I’m not one to restrict anyone from anything.  Life should be explored and if people want to sex with robots, I’m not for or against.  I’m sure an AI infused sexbot that learns every day how to please me more would be lovely.   In 50 years, sex with another human may be ‘weird’ and freaky.   Why would you do it when you could have something so close to real that would never say no, and would always want to be pleasing you?   Does it make it easier or harder to ask someone out for a date in college when you have your sexbot at home waiting for you?

Sounds good, but shouldn’t we at least think about the consequences to society and perhaps we need to start putting porn in museums for future generations to see that people can actually have sex with each other.


A female sex doll lies in a room of the sex doll brothel Unique Dolls in Helsinki, Finland. Hidden behind a supermarket the brothel offers sex with scarcely dressed dolls. Photo: Steffen Trumpf/ dpa


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