Robot, heal thyself

Just read my daily robot news feed and came across this article about self healing robots.

Basically they will put sensors in the soft tissue that can ‘feel’ and sense pain. Check out this from the article:

The self-healing project is seeking to create what it describes as “anthropomorphic materials, capable of feeling pain”

Part of me likes the idea of robots ‘feeling’ something and another part of my is terrified of it. I do understand the usecase and value but also feel like it is one more step of building systems that will further outperform humans. We have been building tools since the dawn of man that enhance or help us outperform each other, but the difference is that in the coming inflection point when the machines actually are not dependent on humans anymore to create themselves, heal themselves and expand their presence without our control, it will be new era.

And of course if you think this is conspiracy theory bubble and don’t buy into any concern about it, then think of the potential job impacts. The article goes on to say this:

“The scientific advance could be a boon to the agricultural sector but governments across the world are now preparing for a robotic age in which low-skilled jobs are filled by automated replacements. A recent European commission report suggested 43% of jobs in the UK could be filled by robots in the future.

Is the future of robots “waking up” to ‘feelings’ while humans do everything they can to try and swallow theirs?



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